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Our top picks for a mega comfy winter camping trip

When it comes to camping, there’s no such thing as being overprepared, particularly come winter time. Part of the preparation is ensuring you have the right gear to help you out and make the trip as comfortable as possible. For an enjoyable and seamless winter camping trip, here are our absolute must-haves to take with you in your bag:
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Portable hot water system

With a portable hot water system, enjoy the luxury of a warm shower in the great outdoors! Our [Watertech portable hot water system](https://www.gasmate.co.nz/products/watertech-3l-portable-hot-water-system) has an automatic ignition for easy use and an LED temperature display screen and quick temperature control. The system includes a water heater, a shower head, water hoses, filter and pump, power lead, a gas hose and regulator so you can be warm after a hot shower on those colder nights outdoors!

Portable camping heater

Avoid shivering all night long by making sure you pack a [portable camping heater](https://www.gasmate.co.nz/products/category/camping-heating-lighting). Our portable gas heater offers an extremely high heat output, so you forget what it’s like to camp in the cold again. It’s also fitted with an effective safety system so that you can safely enjoy the warmth outside.

Sleeping bag and stretcher

When it comes to sleeping bags, it’s so important to get one that is warm enough for the weather conditions as the temperature differences between all sleeping bags can hugely impact how comfortably you sleep. Sleeping bags from [Kiwi Camping](https://www.kiwicamping.co.nz/products/bedding/sleeping-bags) and [Explore Planet Earth](https://www.kiwicamping.co.nz/product/epe-comas-swag-bag-5c-sleeping-bag) offer durability and heavy-duty insulation to retain your body heat and can protect you from temperatures as cold as -5°C. [Kiwi Camping stretchers](https://www.kiwicamping.co.nz/products/bedding/stretchers) are also a fantastic way to increase warmth by keeping you off the cold, damp winter ground.

Cast iron camp oven

Packing a [cast iron camp oven](https://www.charmate.co.nz/products/45-quart-round-cast-iron-camp-oven) can take your camping experience to the next level as you can enjoy warm, hearty meals that are not only healthier than packaged foods, but also provide comfort on those cold winter evenings. With a cast iron camp oven, the options are endless, as there’s no stew, soup or drink that it can’t whip up.

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