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Our best hunting gear for the ROAR

Across New Zealand each year from late March through to April, deer hunters eagerly await the much anticipated ‘ROAR’, often triggered by a good cold snap. It’s an exciting time of the NZ hunting calendar because those big stags that are normally so hard to target suddenly lose a bit of caution and roam the hills calling for the attention of hinds that have started cycling. Keen hunters young and old spend a great deal of time sorting travel, preparing gear, making safety precautions, and getting in those all-important refreshments. One of the key factors to having a safe and exhilarating hunting trip is having the best most reliable equipment—there’s no reason why going bush shouldn’t be comfortable! At Gasmate we want to be by your side when you hit the bush in search of that dream stag, with the best possible gear so you can focus on the hunt and ultimately have your best ever hunting trip.
gasmate butane stove in a cave cooking

Stoves and Cooking Options   


Butane or LPG stoves, known for their lightweight build, take up minimal space while delivering maximum performance. Equipped with piezo ignition, these stoves ensure reliable operation even in adverse weather conditions, making them a must-have for chilly camping expeditions.

For example, our Sika stove weighs just 103g but delivers 10,900 BTUs of power. It comes with its own carry case, making storage a breeze and ensuring hot coffee or meals are always accessible. Remember to store screw-type iso-butane canisters upright and secure the lid to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Our turbo stove and pot set is the way to go for those seeking a comprehensive cooking solution. Lightweight and collapsible, it conveniently fits into a mesh carry bag for effortless portability.

Top Picks from the Gasmate Team:

  1. Sika Stove – $44.99
  2. Turbo Stove & Pot Set – $149.00
  3. Hiker Stove – $59.99

Transporting Meat


If your hunting trip turns out to be successful, you’ll need a plan to store your meat so you can enjoy it when you return home. It’s important to store venison correctly, as you’ll undoubtedly be facing a long car ride home and need to keep it as fresh as possible for consumption.

Our range of 3-way fridges fit perfectly into the back of your vehicle and run off mains power, a 12V vehicle outlet or on LPG.

Alternatively, our rotomoulded Chillzone Elite Ice Boxes provide plenty of room for meat storage. The 40-50mm thick walls will keep your meat cool and the built-in tie-downs make it easy to secure for the road. When using iceboxes, we recommend starting with a layer of salt ice before placing your meat in. Wrap it in the newspaper (it’s a great insulator) before topping it with salt ice. If you can cool it overnight prior, it will keep cool for even longer.

Top Picks from the Gasmate Team:

  1. Chillzone Ice Box 90L, $249.00
  2. Chillzone Sports Elite Ice Box 75L, $349.00
  3. 42L 3-Way Camping Fridge, $799


gasmate chillzone ice boxes
gasmate watertech portable hot water system

Creature Comforts


If you’re opting for a well-set-up base camp with all the mod cons, portable Hot Water can provide some much-needed relief after a long day in the bush. Enjoy a good hot soak with our Watertech Portable Hot Water System. Simply attach it to your gas cylinder, find a water source, and you’ll be having a comfortable shower in no time. This is a great option for those using vehicles or operating from a larger base.

For chilly outings, our Gasmate Diesel Heater is a game-changer. Ideal for hiker tents and rooftop setups, it ensures cozy nights in cold weather. With a 4.25L fuel tank providing up to 7 days of heat, simply set it up outside, route the air duct into your tent, and control it with the remote for effortless warmth.

Top Picks from the Gasmate Team:

  1. Watertech Portable Hot Water System, $549.00
  2. Diesel Heater, $899.00

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