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Have you ever turned on your barbecue and experienced low flame output? You likely need to reset your QCC regulator. If this has happened to you, follow our steps below to get your appliance operating again.
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The QCC regulator has an Excess Flow-Limiting Device for safety that restricts gas flow should a leak occurs between the regulator and the appliance.

However, it can also be activated if you open the cylinder valve and the appliance knobs are already turned on, or a newly filled cylinder is reattached to the appliance.

In these cases, a quick rush of gas to the appliance activates the Excess Flow Limiting device causing a low flow of gas and underperformance – a nuisance factor but easily corrected by resetting the QCC regulator.


To reset your QCC regulator:

  1. First, ensure the barbecue hood is open, or your appliance is at least 1 metre away from any surrounding walls or surface.
  2. Turn the gas cylinder valve off all the way.
  3. Turn all appliance controls completely off.
  4. Disconnect the regulator from the gas cylinder.
  5. Wait 30 seconds before reconnecting the regulator to the gas cylinder.
  6. Conduct a leak test on the connection using a soapy water solution and ensure no bubbles appear before proceeding. If you see gas bubbles forming, turn off your gas and contact your nearest Gasmate retailer.
  7. Slowly open the gas cylinder valve all the way. Do not use excessive force at the fully open position to avoid damaging the valve.
  8. Ignite the appliance as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
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