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How to Keep Cool this Summer

Warm days and extra hours of sunshine are what make Aotearoa summers the perfect conditions for your camping adventures. It’s important to keep cool over those summer months and we can help you choose the right items to make your Gasmate summer a breeze.
gasmate how to keep cool

Gasmate 3-way Camping Fridge 46 litre

A fridge while camping! This fridge runs on three modes of operation: 12V DC vehicle accessory
outlet, 230/240V AC mains power, or Universal LPG, making it a user-friendly camping fridge.
It’s quiet running, so you’ll barely notice it, and has an absorption cooling system. More
importantly, it can hold 10x 750ml bottles, 16x 550ml bottles or 32x 330ml cans.

Gasmate Dual Zone Fridge Freezer 75 litre

The perfect cooling system while on your big camping adventure. It’s got dual temperature
zones, one for the fridge and one for the freezer, ideal for your 4WD, RV, van, or Ute. Each side of the
fridge/freezer can have its temperature independently controlled through the digital touch
display. High-efficiency DC compressor runs on 12V/24V DC vehicle accessory outlet.

Gasmate Chillzone Ice Box

Planning your next camping getaway? The Gasmate 56L Chillzone Ice Box is tough and keeps
your food chilled and safe. With handy indents in the lid for strapping down snuggly and a
40-50mm wall thickness for maximum cooling, the Chillzone is ideal for outdoor entertaining,
camping and boating.

Gasmate Watertech Portable Hot Water System 3 litre

Never go without a shower again with The Watertech Portable. It operates as a hot and cold
shower system on the go, so you can dunk yourself under the cold water to cool off. It’s easy to
assemble and has adjustable water flow and burner performance. It also includes a shower
head, water hoses, filter and pump, and a gas hose with a regulator.

gasmate how to keep cool
gasmate how to keep cool

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