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How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space for Winter Entertaining

Just because the nights are getting cooler doesn’t mean you need to hibernate inside. If it’s good enough for bars and restaurants to have outdoor options all year round, why shouldn’t you do it too and make the most of your outdoor areas. Whether it’s enjoying a stunning sunset, breathing in the crisp cool air, or just enjoying a delicious hot chocolate, here are some great tips to make your outdoor areas inviting, even in the cooler months.
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Cool crisp air as you enjoy a morning cup of coffee admiring a sunrise is one thing, but freezing over dinner because there’s just no heat isn’t something anyone will like. Entertaining outdoors in winter is entirely possible with the right outdoor heating. A portable gas heater or patio heater can make a massive difference to your comfort outside. We have various outdoor heating options that suit different spaces and personalities.

Overhead electric heating could be the right option for you if your alfresco is undercover and you want to use it all the time. If you’re looking for a sleek and warm solution, the [Gasmate Jet Infrared Electric Heater](https://www.gasmate.co.nz/products/jet-infrared-electric-heater) can be stand or wall mounted and provides the perfect amount of geat to keep you warm. Use the remote to operate it from your set and adjust the heat output settings to suit the outdoor temperature.

If you’re looking for atmosphere and something to amp up your space, our [Gasmate Illium Freestanding Electric Heater](https://www.gasmate.co.nz/products/illium-freestanding-electric-heater) with LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker is that, and more! Not only does it have impressive heat output, but the 25W subwoofer and two 10W speakers also provide incredible sound to any party or outdoor gathering. This premium heater is a fantastic addition to add flair and provide heat, music and light in any season.

Outdoor Fire Tables

Gasmate’s beautiful range of outdoor fire tables are a showstopper piece for any outdoor alfresco area and pair perfectly with outdoor furniture, kitchens and BBQ settings for those looking to create a destination in their backyard.


Heat will absolutely add to the comfort levels, but so does the atmosphere. Think about the lighting in your garden and outdoor area. Warm yellow fairy lights or solar lights can help to build the mood. Outdoor pot plants can be strategically placed to act as barriers. Warm-toned cushions and well-placed throw rugs help to make the space more inviting, and of course, your good food and the great company do wonders as well. From time to time, you could even think about moving the TV outside undercover, assembling some cushions or beanbags and some blankets for an outdoor winter movie night that will no doubt be enjoyed by the entire family!

If you love entertaining outdoors in summer, there’s no reason to stop in winter. Add some heat and decoration to the area, and your guests will have a great time no matter the temperature.

Outdoor Blinds

Adding outdoor blinds to an alfresco area can keep the wind at bay in winter. They’ll make the space more usable, and with a bit of decorating, you can feel like you’ve got your own personal cool café on-site at your place.


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