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Grill with the hood up or hood down? Our best advice for the perfect cook.

The age-old question for all the BBQ fanatics out there: to grill with the hood up or hood down? It sounds simple enough, but the type and quality of food cooked on your BBQ grill requires different techniques.
our advice for the perfect cook


If you’re using a gas BBQ, you will need to keep the hood down to reach higher temperatures. The temperature of a gas BBQ depends on the amount of gas that flows into the burners. If you need more heat, turn the burners up and close the hood so that it can retain the heat.

Keep in mind that when you open the hood of a gas BBQ while cooking, you’re allowing the heat to escape, slowing the cooking process. It’s best to keep it down as much as possible to ensure that the grilling is performed speedily and effectively.

Electric BBQ

Keeping the hood up or down won’t matter much if you’re using an electric BBQ. This is generally because an electric BBQ does not need oxygen to heat up. So cooking with the hood up or down is entirely up to your own personal preference.

Thinner cuts

Grilling thinner cuts of meat should be performed at lower temperatures to avoid burning them to a crisp. With this in mind, keep the hood up. Burgers and pork chops don’t need a long time to cook, so leave them on an open grill for a few minutes.

Thicker Cuts

Keep the hood down when grilling thicker cuts. They require more direct heat to ensure they are thoroughly cooked. Keeping the hood down also helps to grill the meat more evenly, as the heat is reflected off the hood and sides, firing heat to the meat from all angles.

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