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Gasmate on the road. Our favourite products to pack in your van for your next adventure.

Van and ute fit-out projects are becoming extremely popular; honestly, we’re not surprised! Van life camping combines the joys of camping with road tripping, and we are here for it! You can customise your van in so many different ways so that your van suits your style and needs. Check out some of our favourite products we’re packing for our next road trip!
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Gas camping stove

Level up your outdoor cooking thanks to our range of camping stoves! They have everything you need for your road trip, and their advanced functionality can inspire you to cook delicious meals that you would usually only cook at home. We have a wide range of compact, portable burner stoves and heavy-duty country cookers. There’s no doubt you’ll find something to suit your cooking needs! Remember that our stoves are gas products and only approved for outdoor use.

Camping Cookware
Don’t forget your durable, high-quality cookware for your camp cooking needs. Indulge your cravings and make the heartiest meals with our variety of Cast Iron Cookware. Roasts, pasta dishes, toasties and warm desserts come to mind when we think of our amazing cast iron cookware, but the options are limitless!

Outdoor Camp Heater
Once you’ve set up camp, you’ll need to find a way to keep warm and cosy outdoors. Our portable diesel heater is the answer. It provides excellent heating and is perfect on those cooler nights when you’ve parked your van and are enjoying a night out under the stars. It has great features such as high heat output, a safety tip-over switch if it’s accidentally knocked over, and is remote-controlled.

Ensure that the unit is outside when in use.

Camping Fridges and Chilly Bins
After a long day on the road, you’ll reach for a cold beverage to sit and enjoy the view where you’ve parked. Our Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer is great for those with a bit of space in their set-up who require a solution for food and drink. With a 75L capacity, the Dual Zone is ideal for your 4WD, RV, van, or Ute with a high-efficiency DC compressor that runs on a 12V/24V DC vehicle accessory outlet. Looking for something a bit smaller and more suited to an overnight mission? Our range of chilly bins will keep your items cool but not at the expense of valuable internal space!

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