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Choosing a Gas Grill

With so much choice, you may find it difficult to choose your new gas BBQ. Use our handy guide to learn about burners, materials, hoods and features, so you can buy the best barbecue to meet your needs.
choosing a gas grill


BBQ’s come with varying amounts of burners, generally from 2-6. The more burners, the more cooking
surface you will have. So it’s easier to cater for big parties and families on a 6 burner BBQ rather than a
2 burner! More Burners means more gas consumption. So if economy is a high priority for you then
choose a BBQ with a lower number of burners. Finally, more burners mean a bigger BBQ. Think about
the space you have available on your patio or deck; this will help you to choose the right size BBQ for
your outdoor space.


BBQ’s can be made from a large variety of materials from stainless steel to wood.
Making a selection boils down to: style, price, and use. Stainless Steel BBQ’s resist rust and provide
durable maintenance free good looks for many years – They also cost the most. Powder coated steel
provides a rust resistant finish which is tough and costs less that the equivalent stainless steel model.
Care is needed however to avoid scratches and dents. Wood provides classic looks, and endures, if
well maintained and carefully stored.


Once upon a time all BBQ’s were flat, but no longer! The addition of a hood to the BBQ adds an extra
dimension to BBQ cookery and enables roasts and all sorts of recipes to be tried out, even baking!
Another advantage of a hood is it allows food to be kept warm. Most hoods are equipped with a
temperature gauge allowing you to bake or roast at the optimum temperature. A flat BBQ still
provides great BBQ food of course but without the additional cost of a hood.

Add on Features

Additional features can assist with your outdoor culinary endeavours. Side burners are handy for
boiling or perhaps a stir fry or making popcorn for big and little kids. A cover over the side burner
allows you to use it as a regular shelf when it’s not in use. A cabinet in the trolley provides a handy
store for your BBQ tools and perhaps BBQ cover. Rotisseries provide the opportunity for deliciously
cooked food when combined with a hooded BBQ. Look out for battery or mains powered models.
A good cover will protect your BBQ investment from inclement weather keeping it in good shape for
many years of cooking.

choosing a gas grill
choosing a gas grill 1

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