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Building Code Clauses that are relevant to Gasmate product:

Contribution to Compliance

Gasmate products are in full compliance with the requirements as set out in the New Zealand Building Code, as follows:

B2 (Durability)
B2.3.1 (C) applies

(B2.3.1 Building elements must, with only normal maintenance, continue to satisfy the performance requirements of this code for the lesser of the specified intended life of the building, if stated, or: (a) The life of the building, being not less than 50 years, if: (i) Those building elements (including floors, walls, and fixings) provide structural stability to the building, or

(ii) Those building elements are difficult to access or replace, or

(iii) Failure of those building elements to comply with the building code would go undetected during both normal use and maintenance of the building.

(b) 15 years if:

(i) Those building elements (including the building envelope, exposed plumbing in the subfloor space, and in-built chimneys and flues) are moderately
difficult to access or replace, or

(ii) Failure of those building elements to comply with the building code would go undetected during normal use of the building but would be easily detected during normal maintenance.

Compliance Evidence of B2 Clauses

As part of a plumbing system for supply of cold, hot or mixed water temperatures. These products can be used in residential and/or commercial buildings where cold, hot or mixed water temperatures hot water is required to be supplied.

Note differing warranty terms for residential and commercial.

Not suitable for use in areas which are being permanently concealed such as behind concrete.

No maintenance required apart from during normal course of use.

Warranty calls are at a minimum and within the quality standards of Gasmate.

All Warranty claims are investigated, and corrective and or preventive actions are implemented.

Products that are WaterMark certified are subject to endurance testing.

G12 (Water Supplies)
G12.3.2 applies

G12.3.2 A potable water supply system shall be –
(a) protected from contamination; and

(b) installed in a manner which avoids the likelihood of contamination within the system and the water main; and

(c) installed using components that will
not contaminate the water.

G12.12.3.7 applies

G12.3.7 Water supply systems must be installed in a manner that–
(a) pipes water to sanitary fixtures and sanitary appliances flow rates that are adequate for the correct functioning of those fixtures and appliances under normal conditions; and

(b) avoids the likelihood of leakage; and

(c) allows reasonable access to components likely to need maintenance; and

(d) allows the system and any backflow prevention devices to be isolated for testing and maintenance.

Compliance Evidence of G12 Clauses

Gasmate products uses components that have a variety of international product certifications, including WaterMark certified, are subject to “contamination of water” testing (AS/NZS 4020).

WaterMark tested and approved cert number: WMK26610

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