Choosing a Gas Outdoor Heater
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Choosing a Gas Outdoor Heater

Keeping warm outdoors can sometimes be a challenge. Choose wisely to get the most out of your outdoor living space.

What space do you want to heat?

Work out the space you want to heat, this will dictate the type and output of the heater you will need to buy. If the outdoor space is very large buying more than 1 heater might be the only solution. How powerful is the heater?

Look for the Mega Joule (MJ) rating on the appliance – the larger the number the more heat the unit will give out. However the higher the output the more gas it will consume.

Patio heaters

Patio heaters use a gas burner head on the end of a pole to radiate heat out and down to keep you warm on chilly nights. They are portable, generally supplied with wheels, allowing you to move the heater to the area most needed. A reflector sits on top of the burner head to reflect the rising heat back down towards you.

The larger the diameter of the reflector the more heat will be reflected and the more efficient the heater will be. Some patio heaters use a conical shaped burner to angle the heat downwards which works well in conjunction with a larger diameter reflector. Also look for features such as electronic ignition and easy to use controls. Heaters are available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your outdoor décor and budget.

Table Top Heaters

These look like mini patio heaters with a much lower MJ output, and similar operating principles. They’re designed to provide warmth when seated around a table. A clamp and protective guards protect against accidental knocks, available in a range of materials and styles.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire pits provide great ambience and a place to gather round on a cold evening. Gas burners provide ease of lighting and controllable heat output. Ceramic Log sets give the effect of a wood fire without the smoke or mess to clean up afterwards.

  • For large areas, the Gasmate area heaters are ideal.

    For large areas, the Gasmate area heaters are ideal.

  • Gas Fire Pits provide ambience.

    Gas Fire Pits provide ambience.

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