Why Gasmate?

Hi, I'm Gregg. I’m no cook, I’ve had that many kitchen disasters over the years that I’m now officially banned! But stick me in front of my beloved BBQ and I’ll cook you a steak you’d walk over hot coals to get to.

It’s where I’m happiest. I guess it’s a lifetime of traipsing around the country with my family, all stuffed into the Vauxhall Viva, packed to the gunwales with camping gear. From an early age, I learned to love the outdoors and all that goes with it. Of course, we have a few more mod cons in tow today, but the feeling you get firing up that BBQ after a full-on day of outdoor activity is just the same.

So you could say gas is in our blood! It has been for over 35 years now. From back in the day when we were all about LPG cylinders, through to the launch of our first 3 burner BBQ in the 90s, to today, and the huge range of gas cooking, heating and lighting products (and accessories) we offer.

But for all the change, our motivation is still the same – a love of the outdoors and outdoor living. It’s what inspired many of our design developments over the years, and kept Gasmate at the forefront of the industry in NZ.

Quality? 35 years on it should go without saying. We source only the very best products to give you bang for your buck, and then modify the designs to suit New Zealand. And we know what works best here.

A dedicated team of gung ho gas geeks and outdoors junkies, we beat, burn, abuse and generally give our products a good thrashing first. Then, when we’re satisfied, you get your turn. It’s a format that’s worked for over three decades and one that will see us around for some time yet.

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