Outdoor Heating & Lighting

The major difference between the three types of heater is the height of the heat source (remembering that heat rises).

On a standard Patio Heater, the heat source is usually situated around about 2 to 2.4 metres off the ground, with a reflector on top of the burner to “bounce” as much of that heat back as possible. A lot of heat energy is lost in this process. Use of patio heaters can also be restricted by ceiling hights in the area of use.

The heat source on an Area Heater is lower to the ground, thus the heat energy given off is used more efficiently as it travels outwards and upwards. Area heaters are suited more for seated groups of people, and can be used in areas where the ceiling does not meet the clerance requirments for a standard Patio heater.

A Column heater combines the benifits of both the Area Heater and the standard Patio Heater, giving Heat at head and chest hight. It is however limited to use in areas with high ceilings.

You are able to buy tables for Gasmate Patio Heaters. There are 3 types of table available. Wood, glass and stainless steel. These tables are available through your usual retail outlets.

Unfortunately not, Gasmate do not make a wall mounted LPG flare, nor do we have a kit to convert our natural gas flares to LPG. We do however have a free standing LPG flare that runs from a standard 9kg cylinder.

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