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PUBLIC NOTICE - Sale & Use of Gasmate Butane Portable Cookers in NZ


Sale & Use of Gasmate Butane Portable Cookers in NZ

Models:  PC02; PC1090; PC2090


Recently there has been public notification in Australia relating to the safety and use of Butane Portable Cookers. 

In Australia the Australian Gas Association (AGA) has suspended approvals, and as such GASMATE products supplied by our partner company, Sitro, in Australia have ceased selling the products until the situation is resolved. 

In New Zealand, GASMATE is owned and operated separately by Aber Holdings Limited.  While many of our products in the GASMATE range are manufactured and approved to the same standard in NZ and Australia, in the case of the Butane Portable cookers we use a different manufacturer and our products are approved under the European CE approval regime.

Therefore our Butane Portable Cookers are not subject to the suspension, and are approved and fit for sale in the NZ market.

With regards to performance and safety, Aber have been purchasing our range of Butane Portable Cookers from our supplier for a number of years and there have been no manufacturing or consumer safety issues with the cookers to date.

The only times our cookers have been involved in a situation with a consumer is when they have not followed safety/operating instructions or they have abused/misused the cooker. 

We take this opportunity to stress when operating the cookers to follow the instructions that are provided and clearly marked on the cooker. 


  1. Do not operate the cooker with the cooking trivet in the inverted position;
  2. Do not place over-sized pots  / cast plates on the cooking surface;
  3. Do not operate indoors, the cookers are approved for external use only.

Like with all gas appliances turn off the ignition knob and remove the gas cartridge after use and keep your cooker away from any combustible materials.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via email at: [email protected]z


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