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Gasmate 9.0kg Cylinders are fitted with a safety device that does not allow the bottle to be over-filled. At the start of the filling process this device can be tripped by a sudden rush of gas into the cylinder, thus not allowing any further gas to be put into the cylinder.

To rectify this, contact Gasmate on 0800 161 161 for your nearest testing station to reset the safety device.

Ensure that the regulator is properly inserted into the valve and that the valve is fully open.If there is still a problem contact us at Aber (the supplier of Gasmate Cylinders), on 0800 161 161 and we will give you the contact details of your nearest Cylinder Testing Station.

The test date indicates the start point of the 10 year period in which your cylinder complies with the safety standard it was tested against. After the 10 year period has elapsed, the cylinder will need to be re-certified against the current standard.

Part of a filling station attendant's training is to ensure that a cylinder is not outside of its 10 year test period. If a cylinder is outside this period it should not be filled. The test date is stamped into the cylinders “valve protection ring”.

To get the location of your nearest cylinder testing facility contact Aber on 0800 161 161.

The two most important sets of numbers on a Gasmate cylinder are the E.W and the TEST DATE.

E.W. stands for Empty Weight. It is used to correctly calculate the amount of gas that can be safely put into your cylinder.

TEST DATE relates to the date of manufacturing, which also corresponds with the date that your cylinder was tested against the current test standard in the country you brought it from.

No. The QCC valves are fitted with a safety device that does not allow a Clip-On Adaptor to be fitted. This type of conversion of the thread is not approved and Filling Stations will not fill your cylinders.

A standard POL cylinder can be converted. This will need to be carried out by an approved agent. Note that all conversions are at the customers expense.

OPD is an Over Fill Protection Device that is fitted to all Gasmate 9.0Kg LPG Cylinders. It is designed so that a Filling Station cannot accidentally over fill your cylinder past a safe level.

QCC or Quick Closing Coupling is the large external right hand thread found on the valves of all standard Gasmate 9.0kg LPG Cylinders.

QCC enables a regulator to be connected by hand. No tools are required. QCC is also approved for use indoors whilst POL is not.

QCC is commonly used in patio heaters, barbecues, indoor cabinet heaters and on some portable barbecues.

POL or Prest-O-Lite (Prest-O-Lite was the company that first produced the valve) is an internal, left hand thread connection type that is used in the same valve as QCC as well as on its own.

It was also widely used before QCC. Cylinders with POL only valves can still be purchased. POL is not approved to be used indoors.

POL is commonly used on appliances such as patio heaters, some barbecues and a lot of industrial and domestic high pressure set ups.

A Companion Cylinder is a cylinder that uses a small vertical, external left hand male thread.

It is commonly used on appliances such as camping stoves, heaters and lanterns.

A Kosan or Clip-On type valve is an indoor approved valve that does not require any tools to fit a regulator to. As the name implies a regulator can simply be clipped on to a cylinder.

Kosan is no longer supplied as a standard regulator or cylinder valve on Gasmate products but can still be purchased through selected retailers.

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