Camping Gear

The Gasmate Table Top Cooker is fitted with two devices that ensure safe lighting and operation of the unit. The first is a device that does not allow the canister to be locked in place when the gas control knob is turned on. Always ensure the knob is in the OFF position.

The other is the trivet. If the trivet is not turned up the opposite way to the way it is packed it will not allow the canister to be locked in place.

All of the correct lighting information can be found in the instruction manual.

The mantle should be replaced whenever holes are formed in the fabric or after 7-8 uses. Because the mantles are very delicate once burnt, it is sometimes necessary to change them more frequently.

Because these Lanterns use a fibrous mantle that breaks down easily, they are prone to becoming blocked by fragments of the disintegrated mantles.

To remedy this simply blow the lantern out on a regular basis with an air compressor. Or change the injector annually.

Yes it should. The mantles are designed to burn. On initial start up, the cloth or “mantle” will catch fire and release a thick white smoke for about 10-20 seconds, then begin to shrink rapidly. This will then subside and the mantle will begin to glow white.

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